Sustainability promise

From fabric manufacturing to packaging, Karlina’s are entirely made in Europe together with our trusted and certified partners. We use 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton and partner with factories that provide their workers respectful and fair employment. We work with the most skilled seamstresses who hand-cut and make every T-shirt, Sweatshirt and Hoodie. This way of slow production supports the craft and skill behind the profession. It also ensures the quality of each garment, making your favourite pieces truly durable and long-lasting.

All KARLINA’S tags and packaging materials are made from biodegradable, and FSC certified materials. We believe in being thorough with our commitment to our sustainability promise, ensuring that every detail is well thought through.

Since day 1, Karlina’s is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a network of brands and non-profits working to make the world better. We believe that nature comes before everything else. That’s why we pledge to donate at least 1% of our revenue to non-profits protecting fragile ecosystems, wildlife and marine life.


1% for the planet sustainability