All about KARLINA

I took my first steps into the fashion industry in New York at the age of 16. Excited and inspired, I found myself working amongst some of the fashion world's most creative and talented. I didn't even imagine how rapidly the game would change. Within ten years, most fashion houses went from designing two collections to creating 6-8 collections annually. The concept of considered buying was heading for extinction. I grew up with the outlook to buy quality. We wore clothes passed on from siblings and cousins, mended and repaired. Occasionally, when we bought new clothes – mothers would inspect the quality cause, as my grandmother used to say – we're not rich enough to buy lousy quality.
Fast forwarding a decade or so later – I found myself getting once again angry as I stressfully got dressed for work and found yet another basic T-shirt looking like shit. I had assumed that a $ 100 T-shirt from a fancy vendor specialising in T-shirts would not look like a floor mop in two months. I was wrong. That's when I started to conspire my rebellion against sloppy, expensive, unpractical clothing.
KARLINA'S was born to eliminate wasteful mass consumption and harmful production practices, and replace those with quality pieces, designed and produced to withstand seasons and trends. Join the uprising.