About Us

Soulful things for a better world.

Karlina’s came as an answer to the search for quality lifestyle basics without compromising our planet. We believe that fashion should be loved till death do it apart and that nature shouldn’t be harmed for the sake of our closet. We carefully select the most responsible fabrics and packaging materials based on the environmental footprint, longevity and durability. That means natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and low impact materials. It also means we avoid synthetics wherever and whenever it’s possible. We want to combine needs with good deeds, thus, our mission: to create ultimate satisfaction of being in style and environmentally friendly.

We just want to be with you, not shape who you are.

Our Special - edition collections land far from ordinary. Purposely curated pieces that allow you to travel far lands; visit tribes and local communities; touch raw nature and taste the freedom of slow life. They are uniquely dedicated to craftsmanship and art. The proceeds support indigenous tribes, artisans and environmental actions for a better future.

We’re for the individuals that live to express and experience while spreading kindness and taking that one step more for the better world.

The world is filled with incredible people and incredible stories that are not represented in mass media. Karlina’s aims to grow a modern, global community that can inspire each other. We are the tribes, the misfits, the odd ones, the artists. The people with deep passions and lives lived by their own rules.  

Every person on this earth is as unique as their fingerprints. There is no other alike. Our uniqueness lies in our personalities, interests, and talents as much as in our eye or hair color. When life tells you to thread, rather be a wild one instead.
Who do you want to be today?